DIY Prada Canvas

I first fell in love with this Prada Marfa canvas while watching Gossip Girl. The moment I saw this sign on the show, I knew I had to have it in my life but at the time I couldn’t find where to purchase it anywhere and didn’t think I could ever make it. I stumbled across it again on ZGallerie but couldn’t bring myself to paying that much for it.

I got my Prada Decal from Amazon for $30. The canvas I bought at Micheal’s and used one of their 40% off one full priced item coupon, which are always available on there website to printout.  The canvas size is 24″ x 36″.

And I got this spatula from Home Depot to help me transfer the decal to the canvas.


First I placed the decal down very carefully to get it perfectly centered.


Then I used my spatula and started at the bottom with the numbers and worked my way across. After each section I completed I cut that part of the paper off, if you don’t the decal will stick to the paper again and come off the canvas.


I did one letter at a time, and cut the paper each time to keep it from sticking back to the paper.


And now it’s ready to hang, it’s that easy! No stencils, rulers and painting like all the other DIY’s I found on Pinterest. All you need are three things: Decal, Canvas and spatula!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments 🙂

Thanks for reading loves and Happy Friday!


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