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This ones for all my makeup and skincare lovers out there! I had to kickoff my gift guide series with some of my favorite beauty products that would make great gifts for the holidays! 

[Fun Fact:] Years ago I was a makeup artist and so naturally all the ladies in my life got makeup for Christmas and it’s still my favorite gift to give!

1 & 4 are a great gift combo for all those hair lovers in your life.  This iluminage pillow case is not only prevents hair breakage but also helps prevent signs of aging. I can’t do without this Moroccan oil, I just add a dime size amount to the ends of my hair after I wash it. Literally that’s all you need and your hair will dry silky smooth.

5 & 9 are also a great combo if you have a friend or sister looking for a new skincare routine that will give them a glow this winter. My skin gets really dry in the colder months so I literally can’t live without my Clarsonic brush. It takes me from dry and dull to smooth and glowing skin. And if you click on this Philosophy Purity link you’ll see they made a limited time adorable Christmas tree ornament.

Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday and thanks so much for reading!

xoxo, amanda

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