Friday Favorites {Summer Beauty} //.05

YAY, it’s Friday! For this weeks Friday Favorites I wanted to do a Summer Beauty Edition. I’ve been trying new products and updating my makeup for summer, so I wanted to do a blog to share with you all what I’ve tried and what my favorites are.

Lip and Eye Mask

LOVE these things, every time I make a trip into Sephora I grab a couple! The eye masks are $5 and the lip mask are $3, such an amazing deal. The best time to use these is right before you do your makeup, that’s when you will notice a change and it will last about 24-48 hours. They also have face masks too!

Tory Burch Perfume 

How cute are these mini Tory Burch perfumes?! This adorable duo was a steal at only $18, I couldn’t pass that up, my love for Tory has grown after getting these. I can’t wait to try her lipsticks next!

Anastasia Liquid Lipstick

I can’t share with you enough how much I love liquid lipstick.. it’s seriously the best thing that’s been invented! OK, OK well maybe not the best thing but in the makeup industry its definitely in the top 5! 

Chanel Nail Polishes

Chanel has had my heart for as long as can remember. I remember saving my babysitting money just to buy a lipstick. But just recently I started using Chanel Nail Polish and now I wish I had tried it sooner. So perfect for a little at home mani/pedi.


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog!


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