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It’s that time of year! Holiday parties start this month for Thanksgiving! So a hostess gift seemed fitting for my first Gift Guide Series for the holiday season. I decided to steer away from the traditional flowers and bottle of wine gift. Yes, it’s practical when you have no time to plan but it’s so typical too. So here’s some more creative and fun ideas that can also be easy to put together that you may not have thought of yet to help you and with enough time to plan ahead for all those Holiday parties coming up.

I love fancy candles but I would much rather receive them as a gift then have to buy them for myself. So it is almost always my first go to when I need a hostess gift. If I’m planning on bringing an appetizer or dessert, I like to bring it on a pretty platter like this marble cake stand for a pie I’m going to make or a fancy cheese board with an appetizer on it for the hostess to keep. If you do end up  just grabbing a bottle of wine you can always incorporate a fun bottle stopper like this one, it’s a cute little detail to add to a party. Around this time of year with Christmas approaching, a personalized tree ornament is a cute idea to give the hostess.

For my husband and I, we usually have three parties to attend. First we have a Friendsgiving, this will actually be our 2nd annual Friendsgiving with the same group. So much fun planning these, if you haven’t been to one you are totally missing out! Clement and I both have big families so we usually start at my parents for Thanksgiving “late lunch” and then move on to more Romanian style Thanksgiving at his parents for a “late dinner”. That’s a whole LOT of food!

What’s your Thanksgiving like? I’d love to hear how you celebrate this holiday! Xo

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