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Ok ladies, we are now only 5 days away from Christmas! So I’m wrapping up my gift guides with a special one for all the Besties in you life!

If you are like me you have the one friend who is above all on the bestie list, so you always want to get her something special for Christmas. You may also have many more besties in your life like your momma, sister or coworker. So I hope this Gift Guide helps you find a special gift for all the besties in your life!

1 and 2. For the active and healthy lifestyle friend, help them look cute while they hydrate.

3. These remind my me of the friendship bracelets I had when I was younger! Such a cute and stylish gift for you and your bestie.

4.  If you haven’t tried this brush cleaning mat you are missing out! Makes cleaning your brushes a breeze.

5.  Every girl needs an emergency kit like this in their bag at all times.

6. My favorite chapstick in a holiday special gift set.

7. This pillowcase saves my hair from looking like a hot frizzed out mess in the morning, help a bestie out and get her this.

8. This cute initial necklace is on sale right now for $23, makes the perfect little gift.

9. This iridescent studs are gorgeous, might have to get myself a pair from Santa.

10. This YSL perfume smells light and sweet, with the cutest bow on it too.

11. Who doesn’t love candy?! Sugarfina makes the cutest ones for the holidays.

12. This moroccan oil will make your hair feel like silk without weighing it down. Cutest ornament  to add to your besties tree for only $15.

13. A great way to remind your bestie how awesome they are every morning when they get a cup of coffee!

14. This cloth is magic! It’s texture is so soft to the touch but in just a few swipes my waterproof eye makeup is gone.. seriously amazing!

15. A cozy throw blanket for winter with 16. a glass of bubbly equals the perfect night in for under $50.

17. and 18. can go together, what girl doesn’t love new hair products and rose gold bobby pins?!

 Thank you so much for stopping by! Xo

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