25 Wardrobe Staples

25 Wardrobe Staples | Lovely Gold Things

OTK Boots || Tunic || Basic Tee || Classic Bag || Clutch || Tote || Coat || Distressed Denim || Gold Watch || Monogrammed Necklace || Studs || Bracelet || Leather Jacket || Bomber Jacket || Rain Boots || Classic Heel || Little Black Dress || White Jeans || Black Jeans || Leggings || Scarf || Cami || Sandals || Sunglasses || Sneakers 

Happy Wednesday, halfway to sleeping in! Ha, that’s honestly what I look forward to and I’m going to take full advantage of it till we have kids! ( I hear there’s no such thing as sleeping in when you have kids! )

Having a wardrobe of well-fitted, high quality, timeless basics is my secret to putting together outfits with ease! I used to struggle every morning trying to figure out what to wear and I finally realized what my wardrobe was lacking. All of my basics were cheap, worn out and didn’t fit me right. I immediately started cleaning out my closet, getting rid of anything I wouldn’t re-purchase. Next I started investing in higher quality basics and staple pieces.

There are two things you need to consider when building a wardrobe:

  1. Spend more money on high quality basics than you do anything else.
  2. Accessories are great for keeping your look fresh and trendy, but your basic pieces should be versatile and timeless.

Jewelry – 

I have 4 staple pieces that are versatile. My monogrammed necklace, pearl studs, gold bracelet and gold watch. No matter what I’m wearing, these 4 pieces will work with my look. 

Bags – 

My 3 staple bags that are always in rotation are my leopard clutch, black bag and tote bag. 

Shoes – 

My two favorite staple boots for fall and winter are my Hunter rain boots and my over the knee boots. My two favorite staple sandals for Spring and Summer are these strappy classic heels which I have in nude as well and my nude Tory Burch sandals

Jackets – 

I wear my camel coat far too much in Fall and Winter. My leather jacket and bomber jacket are year round staples as well. 

Tops – 

My favorite tunic that I have in almost every color! A basic t-shirt that I also have in grey and white and a black cami I also have in white.

Pants – 

A trusty pair of skinny jeans. I have blue, white and black skinny jeans in my wardrobe that I wear year round. I also invested in a good pair of leggings, these one are my absolute fav! They ‘re high waisted and are nice and thick. 

Accessories – 

Classic black aviators and a chunky scarf to complete a look. 


 Thanks so much for reading! Xo Amanda

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