How to Style Adidas

How to Style Adidas | Lovely Gold Things

You know you’re old when fashion trends come back that you rocked when you were younger. I had a pair just like these when I was a Freshman in High School and they were by far my favorite shoes to wear. I think I went through like 4 pairs in two years! And just like back then, they can still literally be worn with any style outfit. When I did a blog shoot, even though I brought multiple shoes for each outfit I was shooting, I kept going for my Adidas, and ended up with 5 looks wearing the same shoes! oops! That’s why I decided to show you all the ways I love you style my Adidas. 

How to Style Adidas | Lovely Gold Things

Camo Jacket || Adidas Tee || Jeans || Adidas || Bag || Chanel Necklace – Old Soul || Bracelet

Green Bomber Jacket || Black Tee || Jeans || Black Bag || Adidas

How to Style Adidas | Lovely Gold Things

Leather Jacket (sold out), Similar || Grey Scarf || Tee || Black Jeans || Adidas || Bag || Ring || Bracelet


Lace Dress || Leather Jacket || Adidas

Thanks for reading loves! Xo, Amanda

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