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Happy June 1st!! Lovely Gold Things turns two years old today! Can’t believe I started my blog two years ago already. With a full time job on top of running a blog, I’ve had a hard time balancing the two, but I’m starting to treat my blog more like a business which means I’m going to start blogging full time. I will have a new blog up everyday Monday – Friday!  I’ve seen so much growth in the past year and I’ve had so many great opportunities and I can’t wait to share with you all everything I have planned.  

Coming soon

  • My new obsession with French skincare.
  • Summer essentials wish list.
  • Current Favorite Trends.
  • and I’m adding something different to the blog this month, my love for baking pies! I’m going to share with you some of my favorite recipes and some tips and tricks to bake the perfect pie this summer. 


This Fall, the hubs and I are traveling to Europe. We will be going to Romania ( where my husband is from ) to visit family. I can’t wait to see where my husband grew up the first 8 years of his life before he came to America. Next we will be going to Paris, pinch me! I still can’t believe I’m going to Paris! We will end our Europe trip in London for a few days before we head back home. We couldn’t be more excited for this trip! I’ve spent the last 6 months planning every little detail, researching and I’ve even starting packing and drafting blog post ideas.

So my husband and I just started watching Mad Men on Netflix. We love binge watching series on Netflix.. it’s kinda our thing. So far we like it, started off kinda slow but now in the second season there’s a lot more going on that’s keeping us intrigued. It’s based in the 1960’s in New York City and we’re really learning a lot about how things were in that era. This show makes me want to plan a trip to New York like, soon! 


I’ve been reading every blog I can find on Paris, London and Romania. The amount of research I’ve done for this trip is insane! I’ve never been more prepared for a trip in my life. 


As I’ve been doing my research for Paris, I’ve been falling in love with Parisian skincare. I’ve made a list of everything I want to buy while in paris and I ordered some things that are available here in the US. I just received this amazing Beauty Elixir, the smell is divine! I will have a blog post up soon showing you all my recent French skincare purchases.

Thanks so much for reading! Xo, Amanda


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